Emma Munnelly, Munnelly & Co Accountants

I recently contacted Philip with regards to an outstanding client invoice. The invoice had been outstanding and despite a number of conversations with the client, no payment had been made towards this debt. Given the value of the debt, Philip advised me that it may not be worth incurring extra costs to chase payment. However in this particular instance it was more a matter of principle that concerned me rather than the value of debt. Philip sent a strongly worded letter to the client and the very next day he called Philip to propose a payment plan. I was delighted to see such an immediate response given the time I had spent chasing this. I was very pleased with the service that Philip provided. He set out exactly what would be involved in taking action to recover this debt and what the outcome might be should I go ahead. He also dealt directly with the client so that I did not have to have further contact with them. Philip was also very open and although he advised me that it may not be cost effective for me to pursue the debt, he was also understanding of my reasons for doing so. I would have no hesitation in recommending Philip for any legal matter be it big or small.

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